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  • Yet, my most recent 3rd Generation SAA has excellent fit and finish. Nickel-plated with 43/4″ barrel, its serial number is in the S48000A range putting it well into 21st century manufacture. A colleague recently told me the highest serial number he has observed was in the S65000A range.
Second Generation SAA's are considered the most well made of the SAA's, desired by serious shooters and serious collectors today. This is a consecutively serial numbered pair of Second Generation Colt Single Action Revolvers in .44 Special caliber.

Second and third generation grips. These are about 1/16″ larger all around from the #3557G and 3558G. ... Colt Single Action Army Revolver 2nd/3rd Generation. Brand ...

Colt has recently added a great feature, allowing you to look up your Colt firearm by entering the serial number. One can only hope SIG follows suit! Colt Firearm Serial Number Lookup - Year of Manufacture
  • The 2nd generation was a much bigger game changer than people make it out to be. Shooting and discussing my very special 2nd Generation Colt SAA .45 Colt. Please visit the ...
  • A close up of two nice SAA Colts in which the basics of operation are demonstrated. ----- ----- Please check out and support...
  • Shows up, and it is a very high condition Colt 2nd Generation. Well, nothing wrong with that. I will get shot and enjoyed. It is not 'NIB', and has been I forgot where one can go look up the Serial Numbers for these, to tell what year they were made. And or how many of what Model were made in the 2nd...

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    The Colt Single Action Army, also known as the "Peacemaker", is a single action revolver. It was designed for the U.S. cavalry by Colt and adopted in 1873, and it was perhaps the most prolific handgun in the Wild West. It is sometimes referred to as the Colt .45, and should not be confused with .45 ACP ammunition or the M1911 semi-automatic pistol. 1 Design details 2 Operation 2.1 Loading 3 ...

    Colt SAA Revolver. This Antique Colt SAA Revolver is a U.S. cavalry revolver. Serial #31951 in .45 cal. with a 7 ½” barrel and nickel finish. Most noteworthy, are the carved pearl eagle head grips. An extremely rare U.S. Martial Colt single action army (U.S. Army 1876-1877 contract) that was pressed into civilian usage.

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    Colt Saa Serial Number Manufacture Date --

    Colt 1911 British War Office Contract Pistol from Clawson Book Documented on Page 132, Figure 5-5 in Charles W. Clawson's Colt .45 Service Pistols Model of 1911 and 1911A1 .455 Webley Caliber Contract 94/P/1118, dated June 29, 1916, for 1900 pistols, this pistol shipped September 7, 1916 A ..

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    Colt has done. For the collector, Cowboy Action competitor and casual shooter, Colt has introduced a new model of the Single Action Army revolver called the Colt Cowboy. The classic SAA remains in pro-duction at Colt as well. Essentially, the new Colt Cowboy revolver is a Single Action Army with an investment cast, steel receiver, a slightly

    Colt stopped production in 1948 & started again in 1956 with the first "second generation" SAA SA00001. (I can't remember the exact number of zeros) The SA was later put onto the end of the serial number. Check the frame under the grips (I can't remember which side) for the assembly number. It'll be different than the serial number.

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    Colt Single Action Army. The Third Generation Colt SAA from 2005 to present is the finest Single Action Army Colt has ever made. These are gorgeous revolvers that are well worth the invesment. Internal machining is clean and the fitting of parts is exceptional.

    COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY SAA 45LC 45 Long Colt . COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY SAA Chambered in 45LC or 45 Long Colt. This is Like new in box Comes with original box and papers. Colt SAA early 3rd generation 7-1/2″ barrel Shipped from colt factory in 1979. Gun is all correct With Original grips and perfect bore Tested and worked perfectly

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    all colt SAA pistols have serial numbers. If the serial number was filed off then the gun is Illegal to have, and without serial can't tell when 1st generation refers to date manufactured. early colt SAA merely had a serial number. latter, as with 2d generation , colt placed a front of serial...

    Colt Single Action Army Second Generation With Special Order Wood Grips And Factory Letter; Colt First Year Second Generation Single Action Army 45 With Original Box; Colt Single Action Army Second Generation First Year In 38 Special With Box; Hartmann N.R.A. Registered Serial Number Portable Carry Case For Two Target Revolvers 1920's Era

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    colt saa 7 1/2" blue and case colored 45lc available with ivory . new production nib colt saa in 45lc with a 7.5" barrel. the case colors are vibrant. this is brand new production made last week. colt has further cut...

    05.10.2018 - Просмотрите доску «Colt saa» пользователя Andrzey в Pinterest. Remington 1858 New Model ArmyDesigned and manufactured by Remington & sons c.1863-75 in Ilion, New York - serial number 78330. . Colt saa 3RD generation .45 revolver 7-1/2 barrel nickel...

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    Colt SAA Early 2nd Generation Consecutive Pair 45LC 5 1/2" Nickel. GI#: 101566114. Colt SAA Early 2nd Generation 45LC 5 1/2" bbl,nickel ,consecutiver pair,serial #s 33376SA and 33377SA,shipped November 11,1960,ivory carved steer horn grips,originally owned by Hollywood actor an ...Click for more info.

    Colt Single Action Army .45 Colt. From the estate of Tom Siatos and made in 1958, this early Second Generation revolver wears serial 19597SA (both frame and cylinder). Features include a 4.75-inch barrel and color case frame. The estate attributes the screwless walnut grips and superb action tuning to George Hoenig. CONDITION: The bore is all but new.

My first generation Colt SAA is serial number 325891. The barrel is marked "Colt Single Action Army 45". If you compare them to any 2nd or 3rd gen guns, you'll notice how much more slender their cyl flutes are and pointier on the back end of the flute.
Oct 02, 2018 · I have a Colt New Frontier SAA in 45 caliber. It has the four digit serial number 7450NF. According to multiple forums I have searched, the 4-Digit means it is a 2nd generation, however the Colt factory look up site, which is the only place I can find this particular serial number listed, says it is a 2007 model.
The success and popularity of the Colt Single Action Army is probably only eclipsed by the success of the Colt M-1911. Slightly less than 358,000 Single Action Army revolvers, in all variants, were produced by Colt from 1872 through 1940, with production picking up again in 1955 with some 59,000+ produced before these “2nd Generation” guns ...
So called "First generation" Colts were made from 1873 and until 1941. These guns can be recognized by the serial numbers below 357860 and with no letters. With the re-introduction of this gun by Colt in the 1956, the "Second generation" of the SAA came into existence. The second generation guns...